Did you know that a fantastic blow dry is as much about the tools and equipment that you use, as your technique? Watch carefully next time you have your hair blow-dried and you will see that hairdressers use a professional technique to make sure your hair looks great when you walk out of the door. The good news is that this is a technique that you, too, can learn!

Would you like to know the secrets to achieving a salon quality blow dry?

Clients often leave the salon wondering how can they can recreate their “just left the salon” look at home. While you can’t beat the services you will get from a professional stylist, you can certainly create a gorgeous blow dry by following our tips and suggestions learnt at our client Style School.

Style School will provide you with the skills, techniques and pointers you’ll need to blow dry and style your hair so that you can recreate salon-quality hair in between appointments.

As mentioned, creating a fabulous blow dry is as much about the tools that you use as the techniques that you apply:

Use a powerful hairdryer between 1800 and 2000 Watts. Make sure that your hairdryer comes with a nozzle.
Choose the right brush. The size of the brush depends on the style you wish to create.
Use the best hair products in your price range. Speak with your hair stylist for their recommendations. Ideally, you will need a hair serum to protect the ends.

We will ask you to bring in the products and equipment that you use at home for your Style School session. Here are some of the techniques you will be able to learn:

  • How to straighten you hair
  • How to create curls and flicks using your irons
  • How to build body and bounce
  • How to work with hot/Velcro rollers
  • How to blow-dry your hair smooth and beautifully sleek